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63% is observed. The table below looks at the statistics for Big Data Analytics skills in IT jobs advertised across the UK. Included is a guide to the salaries offered in IT jobs that have cited Big Data Analytics over the 3 months to 23 June 2016 with a comparison to the same period over the previous 2 years.

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Based on the responses, it was found that approximately 45% of the surveyed believe that Big Data analytics will enable much more precise business insights, 38% are looking to use Analytics to recognize sales and market opportunities. More than 60% of the respondents are depending on Big Data Analytics to boost the organization’s social media marketing abilities.

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A survey by Deloitte, Technology in the Mid-Market; Perspectives and Priorities, reports that executives clearly see the value of analytics. Based on the survey, 65. 2% of respondents are using some form of analytics that is helping their business needs. The image below clearly depicts their attitude and belief towards Big Data Analytics.

This is evident as the report from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) shows. According to this report, more than a third of the respondents are currently using some form of advanced analytics on Big Data, for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Data Mining tasks. With Big Data Analytics providing an edge over the competition, the rate of implementation of the necessary Analytics tools has increased exponentially.

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And those who are yet to come up with a strategy are also in the process of planning for it. When it comes to Big Data Analytics tools, the adoption of Apache Hadoop framework continues to be the popular choice. There are various commercial and open-source frameworks to choose from and organizations are making the appropriate choice based on their requirement (eduvision).

Out of them, a quarter of the respondents have deployed open-source framework, which is twice the number of organizations that have deployed a commercial distribution of the Hadoop framework. Analytics is a key competitive resource for many companies. There is no doubt about that. According to the ‘Analytics Advantage’ survey overseen by Tom Davenport, ninety six percent of respondents feel that analytics will become more important to their organizations in the next three years.

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About forty nine percent of the respondents strongly believe that analytics is a key factor in better decision-making capabilities. Another sixteen percent like it for its superior key strategic initiatives. Even though there is a fight for the title of ‘Greatest Benefit of Big Data Analytics’, one thing is undeniable and stands out the most: Analytics play an important role in driving business strategy and making effective business decisions.

This is a clear indicator than Big Data Analytics is here to stay and a career in it is the wisest decision one can make. The ‘Peer Research – Big Data Analytics’ survey clearly reports that there is a huge growth when it comes to unstructured and semistructured data analytics.

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The remaining respondents have indicated that steps are being taken to implement them in the next 12 to 18 months. It is a given that there is a huge demand for Big Data Analytics owing to its awesome features. The tremendous growth is also due to the varied domain across which Analytics is being utilized.

Big Data Analytics has topped a survey carried out by Nimbus Ninety, as the most disruptive technologies that will have the biggest influence in three years’ time. Added to this, there are more market forecasts that support this:According to IDC, the Big Data Analytics market will reach $125 billion worldwide in 2015.

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According to the survey ‘The Future of Big Data Analytics – Global Market and Technologies Forecast – 2015-2020’, Big Data Analytics Global Market will grow by 14. 4% CAGR over this period. The Big Data Analytics Global Market for Apps and Analytics Technology will grow by 28. 2% CAGR, for Cloud Technology will grow by 16.

1% CAGR, for NoSQL Technology will grow by 18. 9% CAGR over the entire 2015-2020 period. From a career point of view, there are so many option available, in terms of domain as well as nature of job. Since Analytics is utilized in varied fields, there are numerous job titles for one to choose from.

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Prescriptive AnalyticsPredictive AnalyticsDescriptive Analytics. big data analytics. A huge array of organizations like Ayata, IBM, Alteryx, Teradata, TIBCO, Microsoft, Platfora, ITrend, Karmasphere, Oracle, Opera, Datameer, Pentaho, Centrofuge, FICO, Domo, Quid, Saffron, Jaspersoft, GoodData, Bluefin Labs, Tracx, Panaroma Software, and countless more are utilizing Big Data Analytics for their business needs and a huge job opportunities are possible with them.

On the contrary, there is a compelling need for skilled people with the ability to understand data, think from the business point of view and come up with insights. For this very reason technology professionals with Analytics skill are finding themselves in high demand as businesses look to harness the power of Big Data - big data .

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Du analysierst riesige, oft unstrukturiert vorliegende Datenmengen, erkennst darin Muster und triffst auf dieser Grundlage Vorhersagen bzw. Entscheidungen. Heute zählt nicht mehr einfach nur, wer die meisten Daten sammeln kann, sondern wer sie am besten auswertet: Aus Big Data wird Smart Data!Du bedienst Dich sogenannter Advanced Analytics. Das ist eine Weiterentwicklung der Business Intelligence (BI) – ein Teil der Wirtschaftsinformatik, der sich mit Prozessen und Verfahren zur Unternehmensanalyse beschäftigt.

Predictive Analytics werden zu diesen fortgeschrittenen Analysemethoden gezählt. Dadurch kannst Du beurteilen, welche Auswirkungen bestimmte Veränderungen in Zukunft haben werden. Dieses Verfahren kommt sowohl im Gesundheitswesen zum Einsatz, als auch im Risiko-Management bei Versicherungen. Aber auch in anderen Anwendungsfeldern sind sogenannte Predictive Analytics gefragt. Wer möchte nicht gern seinem Konkurrenten einen Schritt voraus sein und wissen, was als nächstes passiert? Mit Hilfe Deiner Analyse lieferst Du wichtige Hinweise, um die beste Entscheidung zu treffen.